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6 Great Ways to Decorate Your Home with Photographs

Nothing personalizes your living space like photographs of your own past experiences

and your loved ones. With our smartphones and social media accounts, we take more

photographs than ever, even as we get prints of fewer and fewer of them. Take some

time to sort through your photographs and choose some favorites to have prints made.

Then use these tips to dress up and personalize your home or apartment.

1. Use a multiple-picture frame to create a photo collage based on subject, event,

or theme.

Those frames with mats that have multiple openings of different sizes and shapes can

seem old fashioned if you put a random assortment of snapshots in them.  Make them

more interesting by using one frame to show multiple views of one event, be it a family

occasion, a memorable trip abroad, or a great time with favorite friends. You can also

go artistic if you like taking photos of architecture, nature, or pets.

2. Try a gallery-style framing of a favorite photograph.

Do you have a photograph you particularly love?  Frame it with a wide white or off-white

mat, with a contrasting color mat forming a thin edge around the actual photo. This

gives even the simplest snap a high-end look.  For an alternative artsy look, sandwich a

single photo in a glass frame without mats.

3. Go dramatic with a large metal or canvas print.

If you have a larger space to fill, check into newer photo printing options like having a

photo enlarged and printed on canvas or metal. The effect will be dramatic and arresting

in a key location such as over a sofa or fireplace. Watch online bargain sites like

Groupon for frequent deals on these types of prints.

4. Cluster a series of smaller frames on a table or shelf.

Think beyond your walls. Try making an arrangement of mismatched frames of varying

sizes on a tabletop or shelf. Tie the assortment together by choosing frames of different

sizes and colors but similar shapes (rectangular or square work best) or different

shapes and sizes but similar colors like white or black.

5. Take groups of photos with your decor in mind.

Next time you are taking photos of a family event, grab some shots of details of setting

or season -- the flowers on the tables at a family wedding, for example, or some macro

views of shells on a beach outing. Mix these in with the more typical people and event

photos in a group of framed images. You can also add to the photo arrangement with

physical souvenirs -- a small Eiffel Tower replica with a group of Parisian photos, or

some driftwood or a sand dollar from a day at the beach.

6. Explore your camera apps and online photo printing sites for creative options.

The cameras on many smartphones take very high quality photos, and there are nearly

endless apps available for adding filters and effects to the photos that you take. Explore

styles like tilt-shift, panoramic views, and filters that make your photos look like they

were taken with different kinds of cameras.  Once you have photos you like, photo

printing sites like Snapfish have even more options for different sizes and types of


One of the best things about using photographs in your home decor is that they are

inexpensive to change out. If you are tired of a particular look, keeping the same frames

but replacing the photos can completely change the look and feel of your arrangement.

Plan to change up some of your photographs a few times a year to keep your decor

fresh and interesting.

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