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Take Awe Inspiring Photos from an Airplane

Airline flights present many awe-inspiring opportunities for photographs of gorgeous landscapes. Many landscapes viewed from an airplane look like miniature versions of that which passengers are familiar with while on the ground. Unfortunately, photographers who are not aware of the following tips can make mistakes that will potentially ruin photographs.

Clean the Windows The window must be clean. Photographers should bring cleaning materials so that the window dirt does not show up in the photograph.

airplane window sunset southwest clouds sky

Hold the Camera The camera should not be placed on the window. Some photographers believe that placing the camera on the window ledge will make the shot steadier. However, the opposite is true. Airplanes produce vibrations that will make the shot more blurry. Manage Reflections with These Techniques Photographers might also think that placing the camera against the window will help reduce reflections. However, due to the vibrations mentioned above, photographers will instead want to use a fitted lens and attach a hood to the lens. The photographer will then want to get as close to the window as possible without actually touching it.

northern lights aurora plane window

Do Not Use Polarizers Cameras on airplanes should not use polarizers. The airplane windows are polarized, and adding polarization to the camera will give the image an unwanted rainbow effect. Use UV Filters Photographers should use a UV filter, which will cut down on the haziness caused by the ultraviolet light. Avoid Flash Do not use flash with the camera. The subject of the picture will be too far away for the flash to be helpful. Also, the window will reflect the flash, ruining the shot. Turn off the overhead lights to reduce reflections and do not wear light clothing. The camera lens will also have fewer reflections if the photographer cups his or her hand over the lens.

plane window sunset sky

Keep the Camera On Manual Focus Leave the camera on manual focus instead of auto focus, since the camera will have a difficult time auto focusing when shooting through a pane of glass. Lock the focus on the focal point. Take Most Pictures Early On Photographers should not wait to take pictures. Windows eventually build up ice or condensation and the images will not be as clear. However, photographers might want to save some film for later in the flight if the photographer anticipates interesting photo opportunities, such as a full moon. When something interesting on the ground is spotted, the photographer will only have a brief moment to photograph it. Avoid Taking Photos At an Angle Taking photos at an angle to the window will cause the windows to distort the image. One easy way to avoid distortions is to use a digital camera, since users can see the distortions and make adjustments throughout the flight.

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